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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Latest News regarding Medical Policy-inf. by BSNLEU-WTR-MUMBAI

A briief report on the delliiberatiions of the
Commiittee for Reviiew of the Mediicall Polliicy
- P..Abhiimanyu,, DY..GS,, BSNLEU
A commiittttee fforr Reviiew off tthe Mediicall Polliicy has been consttiittutted by tthe Corrporratte Offffiice..
The ffollllowiing arre tthe memberrs off tthe commiittttee..
Offffiiciiall Siide Sttaffff Siide
((ii)) GM ((Admn..)) ((ii)) Com.. P.. Ahiimanyu,, Dy.. Generrall Secrrettarry,, BSNLEU..
((iiii)) GM ((Esstttt..)) ((iiii)) Com.. G..R.. Sharrma,, Fiinanciiall Secrrettarry,, AIIBSNLEA..
((iiiiii)) DGM ((WL & Sporrtts)) ((iiiiii)) Com.. B..G.. Pattell,, Ciirrclle Prresiidentt,, SNEA,, Gujjarratt..
The Commiittttee has so ffarr helld tthrree meettiings,, ii..e..,, on 16..03..2009,, 14..05..2009 and
Back ground ffor fformattiion off tthe Commiittttee
BSNL has iimpllementted a mediicall scheme calllled BSNL Mediicall Reiimburrsementt Scheme.. Forr
rreiimburrsementt off tthe mediicall biilllls,, BSNL iis ffollllowiing tthe CGHS rrattes.. Prrobllem sttarrtted when
Healltth Miiniisttrry rreduced tthe rrattes fforr tthe varriious ttrreattmentts.. IIn rrespectt off some ttrreattmentts,,
tthe rrattes arre rreduced even up tto 40%.. Because off tthiis cutt iin tthe CGHS rrattes,, good qualliitty
hospiittalls arre nott prreparred tto siign MoU wiitth BSNL.. As a rresulltt,, BSNL emplloyees arre sufffferriing
fforr wantt off ttrreattmentt ffrrom good qualliitty hospiittalls.. To overrcome tthiis prrobllem,, sttaffff siide
demanded modiiffiicattiions tto tthe BSNLMRS.. Based on tthiis demand,, managementt has
consttiittutted tthe commiittttee tto rreviiew iitt’’s mediicall polliicy..
Our Probllems
IIn tthe ffiirrstt meettiing,, Managementt Siide gave tthe ffollllowiing ffiigurres wiitth rregarrds tto tthe
company’’s prresentt expendiitturre on BSNLMRS::--
Expendiitturre on IIndoorr ttrreattmentt = Rs..114..74 crrorre..
Expendiitturre on Outtdoorr ttrreattmentt::--
Wiitthoutt voucherr = Rs..249 crrorre..
Wiitth Voucherr = Rs..68..5 crrorre..
Tottall = Rs..432..24 crore..
IIn tthe ffiirrstt pllace,, we demanded tthatt tthe olld CGHs rrattes shoulld be rresttorred,, siince tthatt allone
wiillll sollve tthe prresentt prrobllem beiing ffaced by tthe emplloyees.. Howeverr,, tthiis prroposall was
rrejjectted by tthe managementt siide.. They maiinttaiined tthatt ttherre cannott be any deviiattiion ffrrom
tthe CGHS rrattes whiich arre iin vogue..
Secondlly,, we suggestted tthatt tthe conceptt off ““Modell Hospiittalls”” whiich iis beiing ffollllowed by
some PSUs,, can be ffollllowed by BSNL allso.. Forr examplle,, tthe IIndiian Oiill Corrporrattiion has
iidenttiiffiied Siirr Gangarram Hospiittall ((Dellhii)),, Nanawattii Hospiittall ((Mumbaii)),, Viijjaya Hospiittall
((Chennaii)) and Callcutttta Mediicall Researrch IInsttiittutte ((Kollkatta)) as Modell Hospiittalls.. IIOC iis
rreiimburrsiing biilllls att tthe hiighestt rrattes prrescrriibed by tthese hospiittalls fforr varriious ttrreattmentts..
Howeverr,, tthiis prroposall iis allso nott acceptted by tthe managementt siide..
Therreafftterr,, iitt was deciided tto sttudy tthe mediicall schemes beiing ffollllowed by varriious ottherr
Schemes off Otther PSUs
Therrefforre,, tthe mediicall schemes off varriious ottherr PSUs arre sttudiied.. Two notteworrtthy schemes
among tthem arre tthatt off tthe Sttatte Bank off IIndiia and tthe LIIC.. These arre allso tthe ttwo PSUs
whiich have prresence tthrroughoutt tthe counttrry,, lliike BSNL..
The SBII iis haviing iitts own mediicall polliicy.. IItt has a chaiin off apprroved hospiittalls tthrroughoutt tthe
counttrry and iitt iis allso haviing an apprroved lliistt off rrattes fforr varriious ttrreattmentts.. Butt tthe
diisadvanttage off tthiis scheme iis tthatt onlly tthe emplloyee iis elliigiiblle fforr 100% rreiimburrsementt off
tthe mediicall expenses.. The spouse as wellll as ottherr dependantts arre enttiittlled onlly fforr 75%
The LIIC scheme iis a betttterr one tthan tthe SBII scheme.. Forr iindoorr ttrreattmentt off orrdiinarry
diiseases,, LIIC iis haviing a mediicllaiim polliicy.. As ffarr as tthe prremiium off tthiis mediicllaiim iis
concerrned,, ¾ amountt iis paiid by tthe company and ¼ off tthe amountt has tto be borrne by tthe
emplloyee.. IIn addiittiion tto tthiis mediicllaiim scheme,, LIIC iis allso haviing one morre rreiimburrsementt
scheme fforr costtlly ttrreattmentts.. Accorrdiing tto tthiis scheme,, an emplloyee can gett rreiimburrsementt
uptto Rs..5 llakh and tthiis ffaciilliitty can be avaiilled ttwiice iin one’’s serrviice..
IIn tthe meettiing helld on 10--06--2009,, diiscussiions ttook pllace on tthe SBII and LIIC schemes.. We
rrejjectted tthe SBII scheme,, siince tthe emplloyee allone wiillll gett 100% rreiimburrsementt and ottherr
dependentts wiillll gett onlly 75% rreiimburrsementt..
As rregarrds tthe LIIC scheme,, iitt iis some whatt accepttablle.. We can demand tthe managementt tto
iimpllementt a scheme siimiillarr tto tthe LIIC one.. Butt iin tthatt case tthe prresentt BSNLMRS scheme
wiillll be compllettelly rrepllaced,, saiid tthe managementt siide.. Thiis means tthe amountt tthatt tthe
BSNL emplloyees arre gettttiing att prresentt fforr outt doorr ttrreattmentt ((ii..e..,, 50% off one montth’’s pay
pllus DA fforr paymentt wiitthoutt voucherr and one montth’’s pay pllus DA fforr paymentt wiitth voucherrs))
wiillll allso be abolliished.. Howeverr,, we sttrronglly ffeell tthatt tthe systtem off paymentts ((wiitth orr wiitthoutt
voucherr)) fforr outt doorr ttrreattmentt shoulld conttiinue iin any case..
Afftterr much delliiberrattiions on tthe varriious ottherr schemes,, once agaiin tthe ways and means off
iimprroviing tthe prresentt BSNLMRS was diiscussed.. We sttrronglly plleaded tthatt managementt
shoulld consiiderr iincrreasiing tthe New CGHS Rattes.. Fiinalllly,, managementt siide made tthe
ffollllowiing prroposalls::--
((ii)) 20% iincrrease iin CGHS rrattes wiillll be consiiderred fforr emplloyees..
((iiii)) Howeverr,, iin rrespectt off dependentts,, a cutt off 10% iin tthe CGHS rrattes woulld be
We wellcomed tthe prroposall tto iincrrease tthe CGHS rrattes by 20% fforr emplloyees.. Att tthe same
ttiime we ffiirrmlly saiid tthatt ttherre shoulld nott be any cutt iin tthe CGHS rrattes iin rrespectt off
dependentts.. Butt managementt siide diid nott acceptt tthiis.. Thiis iissue wiillll be conttiinued tto be
diiscussed iin tthe nextt meettiing tto be helld on 22..06..2009..

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