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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Wage Revision for Non Executive latest information

Wage Reviisiion for non--executiive
emplloyees iin BSNL
[[BSNL//38--1//SR//Rectttt..//2009 Datted,, 19th June,, 2009]]
To ffurtther diiscuss variious iissues rellattiing tto wage negottiiattiion off non-executtiive
emplloyees a meettiing off offffiiciiall and sttaffff siide members off tthe commiittttee was helld on
05..06..2009 iin Commiittttee Room,, 2nd Flloor,, Easttern Courtt,, New Dellhii.. Follllowiing
members attttended tthe meettiing..
Offiiciiall siide Members: Staff siide members
1.. Shrii R..K..Battra,, PGM (Rectttt..) 1.. Shrii V..A..N.. Namboodiirii,, GS,, BSNLEU
2.. Shrii D..P..De,, GM (Estttt..) 2.. Shrii Suresh Kumar
3.. Shrii Shakeell Ahamad,, GM (SR) 3.. Shrii V..Subburaman
4.. Shrii A..K.. Gauttam,, DGM (Rectttt..) 4.. Shrii R..Venkiittaraman
5.. Shrii C..P..S.. Verma,, AGM (Rectttt..-II) 5.. Shrii Asoka Babu
7.. Shrii L..M.. Kandpall,, AGM (SR-IIIIII) 6.. Shrii B..R.. Jakhattiia
7.. Shrii K..R.. Yadav
8.. Shrii Hakam Siingh
Miinuttes off tthe meettiing helld on 18..05..2009 bettween representtattiives off Uniitted Forum off
BSNL and Managementt under tthe chaiirmanshiip off Diirecttor (HR) iissued viide lletttter No..
BSNL//7-6//SR//2009 datted 18tth May 2009 were reviiewed..
1.. IImmediiate settllement of Wage Reviisiion for Non-executiives: The sttaffff siide was
iinfformed tthatt tthe iissue off ffiive year periiodiiciitty ffor reviisiion off wages has been refferred tto
DoT.. GM (SR) was requestted tto supplly copy off tthe same tto tthe members off tthe sttaffff siide..
2.. Fiitment benefiit on par wiith top executiives on pay + 78..2% of pay: The sttaffff siide
was iinfformed tthatt ffor executtiives,, ffiittmentt beneffiitt on pay + 68..8% off pay has been grantted..
The deciisiion regardiing ffiittmentt beneffiitt on pay + 78..2% off pay ffor executtiives iis yett tto be
ttaken.. The sttaffff siide ttolld tthatt iin some off tthe PSUs ffiittmentt beneffiitt off 30% on pay + 78..2%
off pay has been acceptted iin priinciiplle ffor non-executtiives and tthey demanded tthe same ffor
non-executtiives iin BSNL allso..
3.. Fiive year periiodiiciity for wage reviisiion: Allready diiscussed above..
4.. IInteriim Relliief @ 50% of basiic pay or Rs..3000,, whiichever iis more,, be paiid every
month wiith effect from 01..01..2007,, pendiing fiinalliizatiion of Wage Reviisiion Agreement
and iit’’s approvall by DoT//DPE: Orders ffor paymentt off siix montths basiic pay as per
muttuall agreementt bettween Uniion & Managementt have allready been iissued by BSNL
managementt.. Thiis iissue may be cllosed ffor presentt..
5.. HRA at par wiith the rates iimpllemented for Centrall Govt.. emplloyees w..e..f..
01..09..2008: Orders iin tthiis regard based on DPE guiidelliines and Presiidenttiiall diirecttiives
w..e..ff.. 27..02..2009 iin pre-reviised pay have allready been iissued.. Furtther ffor prottecttiing any

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