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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Wage Revision Latest News-page No.2

lloss iin pay iin A-1 ciittiies,, deciisiion ffor conttiinued pay off money equall tto earlliier CCA has allso
been communiicatted.. Sttaffff siide demanded ffor prottecttiion off reviised HRA ratte ffor tthe
ttowns//ciittiies whiich were earlliier cllassiiffiied as B-2 cllass ciittiies ettc..,, butt nott ffullffiilllled tthe
popullattiion criitteriion as per reviised HRA rulles..
6.. Annuall IIncrement at the rate of 5% on basiic pay be granted cumullatiivelly for nonexecutiives
allongwiith the reviised pay scalles wiith effect from 1..1..2007: Sttaffff siide
demanded iincrementt iin tthe reviised pay scalles att tthe ratte off 5% on basiic pay..
Managementt siide saiid as per DPE orders,, iin tthe wage reviisiion,, tthe executtiives were
grantted 3% off basiic pay as iincrementt.. Sttaffff siide poiintted outt tthatt iin ONGC,, iincrementt ratte
off more tthan 3% on basiic pay was allready iin fforce ffor non-executtiives siince llastt wage
reviisiion.. Managementt siide iinfformed tthatt tthese iissues can be diiscussed ffurtther..
7.. Pay fiixatiion on promotiion: Fiitment benefiit of two iincrements (10% of pay iin the
exiistiing scalle) be granted whiille fiixiing the pay iin the promoted scalle wiith effect from
1..1..2007: Sttaffff siide saiid tthatt iitts demand ffor grantt off ttwo iincrementts ffor pay ffiixattiion on
promottiion be acceptted and poiintted outt tthatt iin ONGC,, ffor pay ffiixattiion on promottiion,, more
tthan one iincrementt (examplle:: normall iincrementt 3..5% and iincrementt added ffor pay ffiixattiion
on promottiion 4..75%) was beiing added siince llastt wage reviisiion..
8 (a) Pensiionary benefiits for absorbed emplloyees on par wiith centrall govt..
emplloyees: Sttaffff siide poiintted outt tthatt tthe order iissued by DoT on 4..5..2009 exttendiing
reviised pensiionary beneffiitts off Centtrall Governmentt Emplloyees tto BSNL absorbed
emplloyees shoulld have menttiioned tthe rellevantt orders off tthe Departtmentt off Pensiion ffor
cllariitty,, siince such doubtts are beiing raiised by some autthoriittiies whiille settttlliing pensiion
beneffiitts.. Managementt siide saiid iiff a cllariiffiicattiion iis requiired,, iitt shoulld be asked iin wriittiing by
concerned DoT uniitt so tthatt iitt can be ttaken up ffurtther wiitth DoT Headquartters..
8 (b) Pensiion Scheme for BSNL recruiitees: IIn tthe case off BSNL recruiittees,, ttheiir postt
rettiirementt beneffiitt iis governed by EPF Actt whiich allso have tthe ffaciilliitty off Emplloyees
Pensiion Scheme.. The dettaiills off Scheme iis encllosed..
8 (c) 50% IIDA merger for Pensiioners: The Sttaffff siide requestted tthe Managementt tto
ffurtther ttaken up wiitth DoT ffor earlly orders ffor off 50% IIDA merger ffor priior tto 1..1..2007 BSNL
9.. Allllowances and perks on par wiith executiives: Sttaffff siide demanded ffor settttllementt off
perks and allllowances,, wiitthoutt lliinkiing wiitth settttllementt off ffiittmentt beneffiitt and saiid tthatt such a
procedure was adoptted iin some PSUs lliike BEL.. Managementt siide saiid tthiis can be llooked
iintto,, however iitt iis betttter tto lliink up botth iissues siide by siide..


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